Perennial Lawn And Landscaping

Construction Services

Construction is the single most important phase in the work we perform. We strive to to build each project with the highest possible regard to the material used, the quality of work, and the integrety of the design. From grading-to irrigation and planting, to retaining walls and drainage, each phase is given the care and effort to create successful spaces.

Patios and Decks - are both built as an extension of your homes' functions and your families desires. Both can be enticing, fun, entertaining areas that provide the floor space needed for outdoor kitchens, jacuzzis', dining areas, or just lounging spaces. We can design and build these spaces to functionally work with the existing landforms and the architecture of your home.

Spas, Pools, Waterfeatures -greatly enhance the garden playspace for your family. We design, and construct these features in any form, texture, size, and proportion that suits your needs and personal desires.

Grills, Kitchens, Fireplaces, Firepits - are as strong as or more powerful a gathering magnet than water elements in the landscape.  People gather around the fireplaces and outdoor kitchen areas the same as they gravitate to those spaces indoors. Fire itself is an alluring element that draws visitors close. It is both an excieting and comforting element that enhances and adds to a functional garden space.

Fencing, Retaining Walls, Gazebos, Pergolas and other garden elements - are custom built vertical and horizontal structures that create outdoor walls, ceilings, hallways, and doorways that accents and give form and edges to the garden spaces.

Exterior Lighting - like interior illumination creates a useful extention of the gardens enjoyable time. Correct lighting will acccent the lines of the home, and the shapes and character of the plantings and garden spaces. It will give light and shadows to garden areas, accent the gardens texture, and provide security. Each lighting design is constructed with these elements as well as the individual fixtures' character in mind.

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